We’ve just finished up our Tarena Mā’ohi and wanted to share with anyone that wants to use it!

The Tarena Mā’ohi is the Tahitian lunar calendar, with tahitian names specific to each moon.
In Tahitian cultures (and Polynesian cultures in general), the moon is a guide for when to fish certain fish, and plant certain plants.

We used the Tarena produced by the Chamber of Agriculture and Fish (CAPL) in Tahiti as a guide for our names. The CAPL has a calendar for each month naming the moons for each night. You can find more information about the Tarena from CAPL here: https://capl.pf/2020/12/03/1937/

Another great resource for the Tarena is the short show on a local TV station, Polynésie la 1ère, which broadcasts the Tarena nightly, naming which lunar night we are and within each month.

Have a look here:

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