We would like to share latest MĀ’OHI NUI map that we created of the area called French Polynesia.

We privileged all indigenous namings on the map, so that it can be a truer reflection of how the indigenous and local people refer to this area and their islands.

While there is no real true indigenous name of the political area called “French Polynesia,” we privilege Mā’ohi Nui or Te Ao Mā’ohi as this has been the name local leaders have deemed the most appropriate.

Below are the five archipelagos in the local languages:
Te Henua ‘Enana/Te Fenua ‘Enata – The Marquesas Islands
Te Haga Tuāmotu – The Tuamotu Islands
Raro Mata’i/Ni’a Mata’i – the Society Islands (Leeward and Windward)
Magareva Mā – the Gambier Islands
Tuha’a Pae – the Austral Islands

Please feel free to use this map, as long as you credit us at SOS.

Mauruuru !

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